it’s almost been a year on my own. everything changed so fast. i remember things like they were yesterday. i think of you before i sleep. i think of you when i wake up. i think of you when i see myself. i think positive as much as i can, but it is hard. i miss you a lot. i don’t feel confident anymore. it’s hard to go out in public alone. i don’t see the future anymore, and with poor memory i no longer remember dreams at all. i don’t think i am the same anymore, and i don’t feel like drawing or taking photos, or being good at anything. i know i’ve got to be patient, and still i’ll try my hardest. they say things like; “there are a lot of people out there” and “people change, it’s just life”.. ¬†You and I had gone through many changes in life, growing together. I thought we were infinite, i thought our love was real. Guess i just thought wrong.

Early 2012 Devil’s Kiosk Blues Music Live Studio Session COPYRIGHT Daniel Symons SYMONSAYS 2012 - 2013 -

full colour shirt design mckup

snapping this peice for the Devil’s Kiosk band’s new album cover art


new design mock up Daniel Symons SYMONSAYS 2013

new shirt design, silkscreen Daniel Symons 2013 SYMONSAYS

silkscreen, ben wilkinson logo on the right